"My first experience with neck pain. Cam was referred to me by a colleague whom he had helped previously. On first meeting, I felt he totally understood what was going on and from there, guided me through to the point where I now have a better understanding of how to manage further acute episodes and assess myself in a non-clinical way, before I end up at the stage where I wish my neck belonged to someone else. Education for me plays a big part in my search to remain pain-free. I had received numerous treatments from base-line physios up to the stage where I met Cam, but the knowledge I now have is reassuringly comforting."
Thanks Cam, Robyn C

"Cameron was quick and accurate with his diagnosis of my back problem. He was honest, knowledgeable and did not waste my time. He introduced exercises and self management concepts that reduced or managed the pain. Unfortunately my injury required surgery and Cameron knows about the tests, procedures, specialists and was able to explain things clearly. He is very experienced and communicates well. I recommend him to you."
Gaylene Rodgers

"I first met Cameron Green in 2001 when I was marginal for surgery with a very inflamed old compression fracture in my lumbar spine. Cameron accurately diagnosed my problem, treated me, then gave me encouragement and advice to manage the pain and my condition through specifically designed exercises. I have every confidence in Cameron's professional advice as he has kept me on my feet over the past eight years."
Barry Dawson, Kamo

"Cameron was recommended to me by my GP almost twenty years ago because I had a displaced disc. The GP clearly highly regarded Cameron. I was so grateful that I followed up on this recommendation as Cameron's excellent advice and treatment prevented me from needing what had seemed at the time an inevitable spine operation. Since that time I have sought Cameron as my preferred physio as his sage advice and treatment have always been outstanding. He has extensive medical knowledge and importantly gives practical advice on how I can further treat my injury at home or work. Cameron is a thoroughly nice person and this is always appreciated when nursing an injury!"
Maree Davies, Senior Lecturer