Neck Pain

It is reasonable to describe Neck Pain as a normal part of life, commonly persistent and / or recurrent, with severe debilitating symptoms usually being short lived.

  • Neck pain is reported to affect 13.6% of men and 22.7% of women each year.
  • 36.6% of problems resolved over the course of a year.
  • 32.7% reported improvement over the course of a year.
  • 37.3% reported persistent symptoms and 22.8% had a recurrence during the 12 months.

At Spine Care we look to minimise the impact of the painful episode and minimise the risk of recurrence. Spine Care offers expert assessment into the unique underlying features of each individual case. Injury specific education is the key to confident self management.

Like other forms of spinal pain a future recurrence of pain is common, making self treatment the most desirable outcome if a long term solution is to be found. The greater understanding an individual has of their problem the greater ongoing control they have over it, and the less they have to rely on others for relief.

Self treatment is supplemented by individualised strength or flexibility programs. Where necessary research has shown that manual therapies like manipulation can be useful in assisting an individual reach a point where self treatment becomes possible.

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