Neck and Arm Pain (Brachialgia)

Some neck problems cause pain to radiate into the arm. In most instances this is due to the neck injury causing irritation of, or pressure on a nerve. The nerves that supply the arm are collectively known as the Brachial Plexus.

  • Mostly the nerve is compromised or irritated by a disruption of the intervertebral disc. Where this is the case a natural history (time taken to recover without treatment) is 16 weeks.
  • The outlet of the nerve can also become narrowed. This is usually related by the normal affects of aging or wear and tear. With the narrowing a nerve becomes a little more susceptible to being impinged resulting in arm pain.
  • In more extreme cases the function of the nerve can be affected resulting in specific numbness and / or muscle weakness within the affected arm.

At Spine Care we look to minimise the impact of the painful episode and minimise the risk of recurrence. Spine Care offers expert assessment into the unique underlying features of each individual case.

Injury specific education is the key to confident self management. Like other forms of spinal pain a future recurrence of pain is common, making self treatment the most desirable outcome if a long term solution is to be found.

The greater understanding an individual has of their problem the greater ongoing control they have over it, and the less they have to rely on others for relief.

Self management is supplemented by individualised strength or flexibility programs. Where appropriate manual therapies, including traction can be useful in assisting an individual reach a point where self treatment becomes possible. Full manipulation of the joints in the presence of a neck problem radiating pain into the arm, should be approached with caution. This is especially true where numbness and / or weakness in the arm / hand has resulted from the injury.

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