The  Hip

Common symptom pattern is pain in the groin and / or mid buttock.

Radiation of pain is typically into the anterior and medial thigh and knee.
It is not uncommon for the primary pain to be reported as a deep ache in the knee alone.
The pain pattern can often be mistaken for sciatica.

Common Pain Provoking Movements and Positions.

  • Weight-bearing and initiating movement after a period sitting or lying.
  • Sitting in low chairs or with legs crossed.
  • Sleeping on the side.
  • Walking for prolonged periods.
  • Walking upstairs.
  • Certain twisting movements when standing with the weight on the painful side, especially where medial rotation of the hip is achieved.
  • Intermittently bending will provoke pain.


As with other joint problems there is often a directional preference when it comes to exercises. This means some exercises will provoke the problem and some movements will be very effective in relieving pain and improving function.

Therefore treatment should focus on identifying the appropriate exercises for each individual. This then forms the basis for the long term self management of the condition. Targeted strengthening and stretching should be included to restore optimal function to the region of the problem.

Manual therapy techniques appropriate to each individual presentation can be useful in easing the more severe symptoms.